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Professional Beetle Exterminator in the Fraser Valley

Shape:The defining attribute of a beetle is its hardened pair of front wing cases. Beetles come in many shapes and sizes

Beetle Treatment

What Does Bugman Do?

While removal isn’t always necessary, as most beetles are more of a nuisance than anything, when it comes time to remove them, give us a call. We typically treat the interior and exterior of the home to remove the beetles from the inside of the home and stop the beetles from coming in at a later date.

Will Beetles Cause Damage?

Beetles typically do not pose a threat to the structure of your property. Beetles are primarily a nuisance pest that can spoil food products, but some species can have a painful bite.

Why Choose Bugman?

We have 30 years of experience in keeping beetles out of your home, and we offer affordable rates with a 6-month warranty.

What is Bugman’s Warranty?

We include a 6-month warranty with our beetle treatment, which covers any follow-ups needed to make sure your house is beetle-free.

Where Does Bugman Service?

We offer beetle treatment across the Fraser Valley, with our main areas of service being Mission, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley & Maple Ridge

Don’t wait for the beetles to invade your house, if you see them outside, give Bugman a call at 604-854-2847, and we’ll help to prevent them from taking over your home.

More Information on Beetles

Beetles are any insects from the Coleptera order. The defining attribute of a beetle will be its hardened pair of front wing cases. Beetles come in many shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of colours. Beetles are usually long and slender or an oval shape Beetles typically have 6 legs.

In British Columbia, some of our most common beetles are – Carpet Beetles, Drugstore Beetles, Pine Beetles, Weevils, Asian Multicolured lady beetle (often confused with lady bugs), and of course the Volkswagen Beetles, which you may see sporting Bugman logos throughout the valley!

Beetle Preventative Spray

If Beetles haven’t made their way inside yet but you want to make sure they stay away, give Bugman a call at 604-854-2847! We’ll spray all beetle-prone areas, including the the exterior perimeter of your home and any cracks or crevices, to prevent them from bothering you and your family.

The best time for a preventative spray is early spring, right before it really starts to warm as, as beetles become busy in the spring with the sunshine.

Do Beetles Bite?

Most beetles do have mandibles and can bite. The strength and therefore pain of the beetles bite will be dependant on the species of beetle.

Regardless of how or why they got in, give Bugman a call at 604-854-2847 and we’ll get them out.