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Professional Pill Bug Treatment in the Fraser Valley

What are Pill Bugs and Why do I Have Them?

Pill bugs, or “roly-polies”, are attracted to moisture because, as land-dwelling crustaceans, they need it to survive. If they are inside your house, they likely came in through a crack or beneath a door.

Sometimes pill bugs can be found in the basement if it is damp and dark, but otherwise, they prefer to be outside.

Pill Bug on dirt
Pill Bugs on a plant

Will Pill Bugs Damage My Home?

Pill bugs are not a threat to the structure of your home, they are more of a nuisance pest. However, on the exterior of your home, pillbugs might ruin the aesthetic of your flower bed.

Pillbugs like to live in gardens, beneath flower beds, or under flowerpots and trashcans, and they feed on decaying plants. They may also damage plants with lots of life still in them.

Do I Need Professional Pest Control?

In our opinion, professional pest control is not needed for pillbugs, as they do not bite or sting, and they aren’t known to carry any harmful diseases. Once inside, pillbugs generally won’t live long, because they will be deprived of the moisture that they need to survive. While they are inside, they don’t cause damage nor do they reproduce indoors.

The main reason for professional pest control would be if you wish for the pillbugs to die sooner, as our treatment cannot prevent them from showing up, it can only kill them faster once they do. Pill bugs can survive outdoors so an exterior treatment is helpful if you’d like to decrease the number of pillbugs around the exterior of your home.

Aside from this, the only thing to consider would be the access points pillbugs are using to gain entry to your house. If pill bugs can get inside, so can other pests. Treatment for pillbugs will help to protect against insects such as ants and spiders.

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Bugman technician spraying for Pill Bugs