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Spring Preventative Spray

Every Spring the Valley starts to warm up and with the warm weather comes birds, bees, and bugs.

At The Bugman, we want to help you have a pest-free summer. We apply a child and pet-friendly product around the exterior of your home to keep you pest free all summer. Dragnet, our product of choice, kills ants, wasps, spiders, fleas, silverfish, beetles, and many other insects, and it dries completely invisible.

We recommend getting your spring preventative spray before the pests show up in March or April! We offer 2 follow-ups, if needed on all of our spring treatments, just in case the insects make it through.

Call us today at (604)-854-2847, send us an email at or request service via our request form here.

7 things you can do at home to stay pest free this spring!

  1. Seal any cracks and gaps: Check your home’s exterior for any cracks or gaps and seal them up to prevent pests from getting inside.
  2. Keep your home clean: Regularly clean your home, including floors, countertops, and other surfaces, to remove any crumbs of food that can attract pests.
  3. Store food properly: Store all food in airtight containers to keep pests like ants and mice from being attracted to the smell.
  4. Remove standing water: Pests like mosquitoes breed in standing water, be sure to remove any sources of standing water in your yard or around your home.
  5. Keep your yard tidy: Pests can use overgrown plants, piles of leaves, and other clutter as hiding spots, so keep your yard tidy and well-maintained. It is especially important in the valley to keep firewood stored away from your home as it is prime carpenter ant territory.
  6. Use pest-resistant plants: Consider planting pest-resistant plants in your yard to help deter pests.
  7. Hire a pest control professional: If you’re having trouble with pests, consider hiring a pest control professional to help identify and eliminate the problem.